Volleyball club TENT was founded in 1981. The founder is the company Power Plants Nikola Tesla, giant in electricity production in Serbia as well as in the Balkan region.

Club management is consisted of 15 board members, mostly employed in TENT power plants company. From season 2005/2006 we focused our efforts only on female volleyball. In this moment we have 200 members in all categories and generations and that number increases.

The club has 9 professional trainers out of which 3 trainers has university diplomas in sport education and management, as well as 2 trainers finishing their studies on trainers faculties.

Female senior crew started competition in 1981 in Belgrade regional league. In 1990 senior crew moved forward to higher competition league, Super league of Serbia. Even bigger success of the club starts in 1996 when OK TENT seniors moved for first time in club history into IB federal league. After few years in that league female senior team accomplishes the biggest club result going forward to elite division of IA federal league, today Super league of Serbia.

Beside the work with senior female team, volleyball club TENT became recognizable specially on work with junior categories, efforts demonstrated in results on different competitions and awards obtained on those competition. Starting from 2000 the club focuses on investing into perspective young players which resulted in moving forward to Super league of Serbia.

Starting from 1996 Volleyball club TENT and municipality of Obrenovac are becoming major volleyball center for young generations. The club organizes traditional tournament for all junior categories, domestic and international. This tournament is the second largest tournament in Europe for junior teams. On our tournament, 60 teams for 3 days competition on 7 fields play around 200 games. During the tournament major Serbian volleyball persons visit Obrenovac

Beside above mentioned, during last years our club organized some other major volleyball gatherings, like Balkaniada tournament for female junior teams, Balkan cup tournament, Serbia Cup final game, but also two games of European league for women as well as the large number of state tournaments for junior teams.

Final Newsletter XVI International Tournament for youth teams